Courage for insight & development

A podcast in Danish that focuses on the fact that whole authentic individuals create whole companies, and that health, well-being, and strength in life are primarily built and lived from within.

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The podcast is produced in collaboration with Vinnie Davida Søndergaard, who also has extensive experience from the business world and the world of sports.

We aim to share tools and mindsets that we believe are crucial for achieving a balance between performance, growth, and well-being, both in terms of physical and mental aspects of life and work. It is indeed possible to perform as a business leader, top athlete, or an ordinary individual without losing one’s team or oneself along the way. We address current topics within this framework, and we will regularly feature exciting guests behind the microphone. Thank you for tuning in.

Learn more about Vinnie Davida Søndergaard at www.vinnie-davida-sondergaard.dk.

Utilize podcasts to convey your important narratives to customers and employees.

In 2021, 30% of all adults in Denmark listened to podcasts every week. This makes podcasts an excellent medium to use for strengthening internal communication and thereby increasing engagement. It is also a suitable medium for conveying core narratives and product knowledge to your customers. Creating an engaging and authentic podcast requires a safe and professional environment, and that’s what I am passionate about creating for you. With the optimal framework and facilitation, you can focus on delivering your message with the utmost authenticity, clarity, and presence, ensuring it reaches your listeners in the best quality. Michael Casparij has been producing and hosting the “Mod til indsigt og udvikling” podcast for over two years. With over 65 published episodes and many years of experience in the business world, you’ll receive competent guidance and hosting for your podcast.

Together we create sustainable change - and healthy bottom lines.

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