Increase performance, motivation, and energy in your organization with talent insight

Play Your Talent is an innovative digital platform that provides insight into individual and team talents, thereby creating a unique foundation for working digitally, motivationally, and operationally with well-being, talent development, and change processes.

Play Your Talent stands out for its innovation, incorporating elements of gamification and the most current research to facilitate the management of strategies, talent development, goals, and outcomes with a straightforward, practical, and motivational approach.

  • Do you lack knowledge about where you and your employees lose energy, leading to insufficient delivery or production?
  • Are you seeking insights into why your departments aren’t collaborating optimally?
  • Do you find yourself lacking understanding of what defines the culture and behavior in your teams?
  • Are you experiencing challenges in successfully achieving your strategies?
If you can answer ‘yes’ to just one of the questions above, then you will undoubtedly benefit greatly from introducing talent profiles into your work. The innovative aspect of the system is that it employs quizzes rather than tests, presenting itself as a motivating game rather than an actual personality test. This approach reshapes the perception of existing development and goals work, inviting users into an entertaining and interactive shared universe in the workplace, while ongoing change is practiced and implemented in workflows and work culture.

Talent insight fosters motivation, well-being, and job satisfaction

The outcome of using the system is that people’s adaptability and understanding receive a significant boost, while stress and restlessness are greatly reduced. Ultimately, it’s draining and destructive for individuals not to utilize their talents. The system is designed to boost factors like job satisfaction, motivation, and efficiency, while also developing talents, reducing stress, and creating the framework for optimal recruitment. Getting started with talent development in this manner is quick and easy, providing valuable insights into the culture and how to optimize collaboration.
Talent insight generates results and contributes to ensuring well-being and growth. Watch my brief introduction to why I have chosen to use Play Your Talent specifically in my work of teaching leaders and companies how to create sustainable well-being and growth.

With Play Your Talent, you gain a unique digital platform to create insight and develop the talent potential within you and your company.

The software system functions as a digital platform – an app that can interact with users in their daily lives. Through the platform, you can uncover your own or your employees’ talents and gain insights into the talents present within the company. Discover which talents provide energy or drain it for each individual. Data and results from the system can be used to validate and measure talent effectiveness in the workplace or the company, and to strategically utilize talents more effectively. The outcomes of working with talent development through the platform include a significant increase in motivation, efficiency, collaboration, and job satisfaction.

Strength-based employee development makes a positive difference.

Strength-based employee development makes a positive difference. Utilizing your strengths as a leader while helping your team members do the same is the most effective way to enhance performance, efficiency, and engagement. In many of my programs, I use Play Your Talent to focus on everyone’s talent package and strength profile. This provides a unique insight and a common language for all employees, making it simple and operational to work with a strength-based approach in everyday tasks. The results speak for themselves and are supported by various analyses, including those from Gallup, confirming the numerous positive effects of uncovering your own and your team’s talents. As a leader, you can transform employee potential into better performance! According to Gallup’s analyses, employees who work with a strength-based approach have: 🔸 7%-23% higher employee engagement 🔸 8%-18% increased performance 🔸 20%-73% less burnout Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more about how a talent- and strength-based approach to leadership can contribute to increasing well-being, growth, and performance in your team.

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